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Car and Van Tyres

Please use the form below to get Tyre prices. Make sure you check the required tyre size by reading it from your existing tyre.

Car and Van Tyres

We supply quality tyres and offer a fully fitted tyre service which is carried out by our trained technicians. Although we have a comprehensive selection of tyres “on the shelf”, if you have a specific requirement we will source the required tyres and always give very competitive pricing and service.

As part of our tyre fitting service we always recommend having the tracking on your car or van checked and where necessary adjusted. This helps ensure you get the maximum life from your tyres.

Tyre Maintenance
The correct fitting and maintenance of tyres is essential for good road holding, comfort and safety, and helps ensure fuel economy and long tyre life. It is therefore sensible to regularly carry out a few simple tyre checks:

Tyre Pressure
Check the tyre pressures at least every fortnight or before a long journey. Remember to check the spare!

You should always use the recommended tyre pressures given in the vehicle handbook and only check and adjust pressures when tyres are cold. During long trips it is normal for tyre pressure to increase. Never deflate “hot” tyres. After checking and adjusting the tyre pressure always replace the valve cap to protect the valve and ensure an airtight system.

If in doubt call in and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Tyre Tread Wear
The legal minimum tread depth for a tyre is 1.6mm and must be cross the central ¾ of the width of the tread. Tyres normally have small raised bars in the grooves of the tread, these indicate the minimum legal limit for the tread depth. You should always replace your tyres well before the tread reaches this limit.

Tyre Sidewalls
Check the tread and sidewalls regularly for wear and/or damage; uneven wear may indicate alignment or tracking problems. If you’ve rubbed your tyres against a kerb or other similar object this may have damaged the sidewall of the tyre. Please call in an ask us to check the tyre is safe.


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Car and Van Tyres

We supply quality tyres and offer a fully fitted tyre service which is carried out by our trained technicians

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